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USCIS – Immigration Fraud

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Dating someone green card marriage:

How to get a Swedish Resident Card (Uppehållskort) through Marriage

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Marriage sites with women looking for a green card?

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Apr 19,  · Watch video · The green card process is long and drawn out, and the burden of proof is on the couple. Anyone caught lying could face prison time and a fine of up to $,

This procedure is essentially the same for any non-EU citizen applying to live in Sweden through marriage to an EU citizen and a similar process for marriage to a Swedish citizen, however Swedish citizens cannot bring their spouses to Sweden immediately. I was living in Sweden from start to finish when I applied and it took about six months until I received a residence permit that was valid for five years. And remember that the initial residence permit is not a permanent residence permit- you can apply for this after you have been in the country five years.

First, the sponsoring spouse must have the right of residence in Sweden if he or she is not a native Swedish national or permanent resident. As a non-EU citizen you are also subject to the maintenance requirement. Recent changes in the law mean that EU citizens are also subject to the maintenance requirement. Proof of employment or capacity to provide financial support A home with at least a kitchen or kitchenette, a living room and bedroom for two people, and one additional bedroom for additional children, with two children being able to share one room.

Applying with Migrationsverket Once you have reached this step you and your spouse can begin collecting all the papers you will need for your application. You can apply online or print off the following applications and mail it in. Online you have two choices for an application route: Here are the rules for that: I wrote this in , and as of it seems this process may have changed that the couple first register with Skatteverket the Swedish tax agency and then apply for the residence permit with Migrationsverket.

What if you want to marry a Swede, apply in your home country, and then travel to Sweden on a tourist visa, returning to your home country before your visa expires?

Lawful permanent residents (United States)

The media has got many people believe that women on international dating sites Russians inparticular are only after one thing: While there are certainly women out there who want immigration rights, the majority of Russian women need a more compelling reason to uproot their lives for an unknown future in a strange country. So why are men so sure that Russian women want a green card and can these concerns be justified?

They Believe Russia is a Terrible Place to Live, Poverty, Borshe and Bears on the Street Many people have a very mistaken impression of Russia and are under the mistaken impression that Russian women have a miserable life in their own country and will stop at nothing to escape. This is simply not true and is very far from the truth.

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This means that the “Green Card” holder has the rights and privileges accorded to a citizen of the United States. There are different ways to get a Green Card. Green Card through family has different categories. While getting a U. Foremost is to pass the eligibility criteria. You have been petitioned by a U. This is done so that you may apply for a Green Card and legally stay in the country. Conditions If you are in the U. The law states that you have to marry your U.

Failure to get married during the given time period means that you’ll have to return to your country of origin. There is no other means to adjust your status. If you are already the spouse of a U. The condition here is that you can only seek the adjustment based on the U.

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Read here about court preparation session with Jennifer Smith. Get the ducks in a row. The process outlined here is for a U.

A green card marriage is a marriage of convenience between a legal resident of the United States of America and a person who would be ineligible for residency but for being married to the resident. The term derives from the availability of permanent resident documents.

Everywhere you want to be 2, posts, read 2, , times Reputation: Originally Posted by STT Resident Your friend cannot be charged with anything since she wasn’t a party to the deception. As far as whether or not she continues the relationship with this man that’s entirely up to her and it’s probably best that you stay out of the whole mess and let her work it out. By the way, I find it impossible to believe that, “He was not aware of the penalties and how they are severe for marriage fraud”, as the whole process of obtaining a GC through marriage is highly scrutinized and is quite a lengthy process.

Which leads to the next question – does he actually have US citizenship or more likely resident alien status. The GC comes first and there’s a several year wait before a citizenship application is considered. If the “wife” now wants out and they haven’t been married for very long not to mention that they’re not even living together , there could still be repercussions if she files for divorce and if ICE determines that the marriage was fraudulent he’ll lose his GC and be deported.

So I believe that he is a naturalized citizen.

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Your most recent income tax returns are the core document. We are the U. Immigration experts, get a free consultation before proceeding. Spousal Visa Income Requirements 1. Stable Earnings The U.

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Form I Submission of Evidence The officer first administers an oath wherein both parties swear that they are going to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. The officer then proceeds by asking for identification from both parties. The CIS officer would only need this during the interview. This information could also play a factor in assessing the bona fide nature of the marriage. The officer then asks for basic case related documents.

For the US Citizen, a birth certificate or US passport if born here , or naturalization certificate or US passport if naturalized here would have to be submitted. The whole point of this is to show that the petitioner is indeed a US Citizen. For you the beneficiary, you have to provide your foreign passport and birth certificate. They then usually proceed with Form I and G A. Same information would be asked of you, as well as you more recent entry and manner of entry to the United States, whether you were in removal proceedings before, any prior visas, etc.

Now comes the questions about the bona fide nature of your marriage. Officers can go in different directions on this.

Are Ukrainian / Russian Women Want To Marry American Men Just To Get The Green Card?!! Part#2