Is Your Location Really Safe On Gay Hookup Apps?

Posted on November 30, by naomip20 Created by Joel Simkhai in , Grindr is a geosocial networking application geared towards gay, bisexual, or curious men. It is the must-have accessory for every gay guy with a smartphone and has become a staple in gay pop culture. The app displays profile pictures arranged to show users that are geographically closest first. You tap on the picture, see their profile stating their age, height, weight, and a short description, and if you like what you see, you can start messaging them. Grindr has become a worldwide phenomenon with 4 million users and 10, new members joining daily. Although advertised as a social networking app for dating and meeting new friends, Grindr poses immense controversy due to how users are actually utilizing this app…for casual sex.

The p’s and q’s of Grindr

They have genuine affection for each other. If they remain friends-cool, but if they ever crossed over, I’d root for them. Both seem to be good hearted, in addition to being hot as hell.

May 20,  · The year-old chemical engineer left his loft in Philadelphia, 18 miles away, the night before to allegedly meet a man he found on the hookup app Grindr. Police say Dizdaravić, who was a gay man in an open relationship, was subsequently strangled and beaten so Author: Grindr Sucks Rant Blog.

Romance is, like, so Flowers and chocolates are lame. Instant messaging and ”hooking up” are the new courting. And sex is just a swipe of a mobile phone screen away. The online era has reportedly killed emotional intimacy. And Tinder – the dating app in which users shuffle through photos of hotties like a deck of playing cards – is the latest villain charged with its demise. Dubbed ”sex satnav”, the app allows people to check out who’s up for a date in their area. Swiping a photo to the right indicates they like what they see.

A swipe to the left is a thumbs-down. Only when a pair both like each other’s pictures can they exchange messages. It has sent parents and social commentators into a frenzy. They worry it’s emblematic of an increasingly disposable culture that is devaluing sexual relationships and causing a generation to emotionally tune out.

Grindr Gets Dragged For Reportedly Sharing The HIV Status Of Its Users To Other Companies

Guy’s Worst Grindr Hookups: We certainly know about the good hookups that happen—we hear about them in graphic detail and eventually go to their wedding. But what about the tricks that were less than magical and in fact were downright vomit-bag-friendly?

year-old Mark Woodland was stabbed to death on Sunday by a year-old man he met using Grindr, police say. The victim’s roommate discovered their apartment ransacked and called police.

Dentist Hilary Leonard Knight, 68, is accused of assaulting the man while he was chained for two hours during a Grindr hookup gone-wrong. On the night of the alleged assault in June, the long-time dentist invited Brendan Tierney to his apartment where police will allege he saw Knight and a woman using ice, according to the Gold Coast Bulletin. The victim soon fled to another room where Knight and the woman were alleged to be waiting.

It was here Mr Tierney was allegedly chained around the neck in a fashion which tightened each time he moved away, the court heard. A bag of missing sex toys has sparked an assault which led to one man being restrained by a dog chain collar, after a Grindr hookup gone wrong, it has been alleged It is believed Mr Tierney also first met Knight on Grindr, a gay hookup app, in before forming a friendship.

However following the hearing, the dentist was granted bail on the conditions he not use Grindr, live in his Broadbeach apartment or contact any of the people involved. Sorry we are not currently accepting comments on this article.

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Police are saying that despite earlier reports, Grindr was NOT the service used by the killer to meet his victim. Because this investigation is continuing, I do not have the information regarding the actual site that was used. I will continue to update you on this investigation as information is received. I have made changes to the post below, including removing the incorrect television report.

Phoenix police say 54 year-old Mark Woodland was brutally murdered on Sunday by 19 year-old Tommy Reed when the two hooked-up after meeting on Grindr an unknown social media site. James Holmes said officers responded to a residence in the area of 40th Street and Greenway Road around midnight Sunday after a resident returned home to find his apartment ransacked.

Now the cop who investigated the death is a suspect. This teen disappeared after a Grindr hook-up. His body was found 9 days later. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter; By Alex Bollinger ·.

Apr 30, Yes, women are using Tinder to get laid. Handsome but no bio and all shirtless gym selfies? Dick is abundant and low value. Lists only an Instagram as a bio? Went to Burning Man…twice? Member of an improv troop? Those with whom I did match were hardly the boy band composed of chiseled pediatricians and dapper British bankers in Armani suits that some guys imagine women are choosing over them. I had gotten my new motto amidst the worst break-up of my life. Shaken to my core by the degrading insults my ex had hurled at me but also mourning the permanent departure of some poetically good dick, I was spending a day mindlessly refreshing Twitter and reading up on how to spot sociopaths.

I came across two tweets from Madeleine Holden , a lawyer and writer who regularly entertains the Twitter masses with her unapologetic analyses of toxic masculinity and her praise of amazing female-identified people: In my memory, those last six words emerged from the screen with their outer edges glowing like the inscription in the Dark Tongue of Mordor on the One Ring. I was transformed, nay, transfigured, by the message.

The Dickonomics of Tinder

The anonymous tipster claims to have used a secondary flaw to send messages to over , users in 70 countries with anti-gay laws, some of which make homosexuality punishable by death. The hacker explains why he went public with the alleged security flaw: While you may live in a country where using Grindr is no big deal, there are countries like Sudan and Yemen where anti-gay laws have been enacted with severe consequences[3], e.

Knowing that Grindr-Users in countries such as these are being put unnecessarily at a high risk should be reason enough for Grindr to change its system. Even without the such a risk:

Grindr and Scruff and similar apps are owned by gay men (Grindr and its founder, Joel Simkhai, are based in Los Angeles) whose stated goal is to bring us together, not kill us or destroy our lives. While the connection between gay hookup apps and Meth use hasn’t .

Mar 20, at In this case, the app Grindr. One of the two adult men who took part in the threesome, William Sapanaro Jr. In response, Sapanaro then sought to sue Grindr for facilitating the hookup, pointing out that the service had terms of service that required participants to be of age. The court cites multiple CDA decisions that highlight how the immunity from liability clearly applies here.

That was one of the very rare cases where a court rejected a CDA defense, arguing that because Roommates. We were worried about that chipping away of Section at the time. Indeed, since then, almost everyone looking to ignore Section points to the Roommates case in their lawsuits. But, thankfully, almost every court ruling that discusses Roommates.

Gay Philly Man Murdered By Grindr Hookup, Police Say

R50, you forgot the word fat. The whole prep thing is also an issue – many guys won’t meet if I say I won’t have sex without condoms because they’re on prep and I should be too. I’m really curious what changed in the last years, because I had assumed it was me being elderly in gay years. However, even if I go back to being 27, it’s still the same. There was a study about millennials having less sex posted here I think , and maybe that’s part of it. Are they just holding out forever until they get a message from their Sean Cody fantasy man?

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Does this mean that he has blocked me or would his profile have disapeared completely? Ari Please bring Grindr to Android. Encountr and Purpll are just not the same, but find Android more flexible than iphone marveenroswell I currently lost my iphone and i wanted to temporarily delete my account. How can i suspend my account.

Otherwise, you can certainly email the support guys at Grindr.. S Rodney Is there a way to get grindr on my Black Berry tour? Ben I accidentally deleted grindr from my iphone, then downloaded it again. But all that happens now is the pinwheels spin, the right hand one stops, my profile appears, the left wheel keeps spinning, and er…..

Meth Addict Who Murdered and Ate Gay Police Officer After Grindr Hookup Found Dead in Jail

We romanticise a time before Grindr when, in our heads, we all met up in public and cultivated beautiful, caring friendships and relationships in cosy little bars with rainbow flags above the doors. And then it comes. Take for granted the freedom apps have given us at your peril. Before the internet came along, being a gay man could be a very isolating, confusing, and heartstoppingly sexless experience.

Meth Addict Who Murdered and Ate Gay Police Officer After Grindr Hookup Found Dead in Jail Frankie Grande, the reality star, Broadway performer, and make-up guru, has come out as the third in a.

According to a recent study, getting your grind on may not be as innocent as your faceless selfie suggests. Presumably, this is due in part to the assumed safety one feels when scrolling through dozens of avatars of faceless bod pics and aestheticized selfies. Well as it turns out, any horned up individual on the grind can—and possibly will. Grindr connects every gay guy with another horny gay guy, basically.

In the paper outlining the study—which was published in the computer science journal Transactions on Advanced Communications Technology—three researchers detailed the ways in which any random dude can track down any phone, down to a few feet sometimes even centimeters , so long as one of these hookup apps is running on the device. Anyone can pinpoint your location when using Grindr. When put into a concrete, mathematical term like this, the threat of being stalked and pillaged is somehow even scarier.

And doubly so when you consider the Grindr users who have yet to publicly come out as queer and are living in repressive, homophobic regions. With over 10 million users worldwide—a large portion of which are living in countries known for their unyielding violence towards queer individuals—Grindr, in , was asked to disable their location feature.

Ultimately, the biggest problem with these apps is that the same feature that puts their users in serious danger of being violated is the reason they appeal to so many. But until then, everyone should approach these types of apps with caution. You might be scoffing at this now, but in nations like Russia, Iran, and India—where hate crimes towards LGBT individuals are the highest—issues of location privacy on these apps are much more grave, and can sometimes even result in death.

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Meth Addict Who Murdered and Ate Gay Police Officer After Grindr Hookup Gets Life in Prison Bohemian Rhapsody’s musical scenes are being called the best thing about the Queen biopic.

If you have not yet read the details—The Daily Beast has since scrubbed the piece and inserted an apology in its place—Hines got access to the Olympic Village, then went on Grindr, the gay dating app, and lured male athletes in search of companionship into either contacting him or meeting him. Hines, whose physical features fall far short of a bronze medal, boasted that he was able to land three dates.

He never expressly named anyone, but provided heights, weights and home countries of these men. None of these facts appeared to deter Hines, who is heterosexual; he is married and has a child. First of all, that heterosexual or homosexual Olympic athletes—who on their worst bad hair day are exponentially more attractive than most humans will ever be—are sexually active has never been breaking news.

Second, Hines pursued his story in an aggressively unethical manner. By going on Grindr, he was posing as a man who wanted to hook up for gay sex.

Daily Beast Author of Gay Olympians on Grindr Story Sent Home, IOC Condemns Story as ‘Unacceptable’

Spota hopes its app will be used for more than just hookups. Mr Borg says despite the purpose of dating apps being to connect people, apps developed so far had typically been detrimental to society’s approach to dating. We want to make it easier to start a conversation with the people around us, whether that be someone who catches your eye at a bar, or someone reading an interesting book on the train, without the awkwardness.

In the UK, crimes involving hookup-app “romance fraud have increased % in the past two years. One London teacher is currently on trial for poisoning four men he met on Grindr, while, in.

Sending a naked photo of yourself in doesn’t need to be complicated, but with hundreds of thousands of messaging apps to choose from, deciding how to send that nude can require some thought. What about sending them through your dating app? We talked to two people about how they make sense of this messaging app utopia. An anonymous man named Frank primarily uses gay dating apps like Grindr and Scruff to send his nudes because they feature built-in camera functions, while our other interviewee, Eden Rohatensky, chooses their platform based off the recipient of the message.

Someone new might get a nude through Snapchat, whereas their friends might receive them in iMessage. Eden also tells us how they send nudes platonically with friends in an effort to build body positivity, which is fantastic. They wrote a Medium post about this exact thing earlier this year. He explains why he built a camera function into the app and how he thinks the feature will eventually trickle down into straight apps.

Scruff tells us that more than a million photos and videos are sent over chat daily.

Some Grindr Hookup Safety Advice w/Kenny Moffitt