The 30 foot canoe was commissioned by a private arts organization in San Francisco as part of a six month public demonstration of traditional Haida arts in San Francisco. After the project, Yaalth-Tluu returned to Haida Gwaii, where it is now used for ceremonial occasions and special events. He began carving in This photograph allows us to see the superb attention to detail given to every part of the canoe. It is a masterwork. Reg Davidson’s many published and widely exhibited works include:

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Venus figurines[ change change source ] The Venus of Willendorf is a well-known figurine. It was made about These are figurines very small statues of women, mostly pregnant with visible breasts. The figurines were found in areas of Western Europe to Siberia. Most are between 20, and 30, years old.

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He is a founding member of the Storytellers School of Toronto and has been a feature storyteller at festivals across North America, England and Australia. He has won several awards for his efforts in promoting literacy and was the first recipient of The National Symposium on Arts Education Award for innovation and advocacy in Arts Education in Canada. More information on Bob Barton can be found on his website: Shaun Bradley Gary Barwin is a writer, composer, multimedia artist, and educator and the author of 17 books of poetry and fiction as well as books for both teens and children.

His work has been widely performed, broadcast, anthologized and published nationally and internationally, and has been commissioned by the CBC. He received a PhD. Barwin has given hundreds of readings and performances in Canada and internationally. He lives in Hamilton, Ontario with his family and a fear of the family car. More information about Gary Barwin can be found at his website: In a ferment of salty witticism, parroty puns and unforgettable Yiddish vocabulary, this is a novel borne not just on the wings of its feathery narrator, but on its own jubilant and alluring language; its own voice.

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Canoes of the First Nations of the Pacific Northwest

December 11, 2: Description This two-hour seminar will introduce participants to the intersection of archaeological and forensic methods and techniques. Through this course, participants will learn the ways that archaeology can provide standards of best practice for crime scene investigation. Participants will become familiar with both the theory behind forensic archaeology as well as the methods that distinguish it from other forms of archaeology.

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Etymology Maya glyph referring to cacao The word “chocolate” entered the English language from Spanish in about One proposed etymology derives it from the word chicolatl, meaning “beaten drink”, which may derive from the word for the frothing stick, chicoli. Chocolate has been prepared as a drink for nearly all of its history.

For example, one vessel found at an Olmec archaeological site on the Gulf Coast of Veracruz , Mexico, dates chocolate’s preparation by pre-Olmec peoples as early as BCE. Man Carrying a Cacao Pod, — Volcanic stone, traces of red pigment. They associated chocolate with Quetzalcoatl , who, according to one legend, was cast away by the other gods for sharing chocolate with humans, [16] and identified its extrication from the pod with the removal of the human heart in sacrifice.

The Aztecs were not able to grow cacao themselves, as their home in the Mexican highlands was unsuitable for it, so chocolate was a luxury imported into the empire. History of chocolate in Spain Chocolate soon became a fashionable drink of the European nobility after the discovery of the Americas. The morning chocolate by Pietro Longhi ; Venice, — Until the 16th century, no European had ever heard of the popular drink from the Central American peoples.

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The late s and early s were a tumultuous time for the Canadian publishing industry. Industry functioning had destabilized as a result of a crisis situation in book returns, the retail market dominance of Chapters Inc. The Standing Committee conducted a series of meetings in which members of the book publishing industry were invited to provide testimony on the current state of the industry.

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Geographic context[ edit ] The cultural area is defined on the basis of a unique combination of mounds , earthworks and pottery , which have been found around Lake Okeechobee and as far north as Lake Kissimmee. The area has poor, sandy soils, low elevation with low relief with some higher relief along the western and northern edges of the Kissimmee Valley , and many bodies of water and wetlands. The area consists of pine and palmetto flatlands , wet prairies , hammocks of live oak and cabbage palm , and cypress swamps.

The pine and palmetto flatwoods of eastern Martin and Palm Beach counties, sometimes called the East Okeechobee area, and the Kissimmee Valley north of Lake Kissimmee to Lake Tohopekaliga may have also been part of the Belle Glade culture, based on the presence of high numbers of Belle Glade type pottery, and in the northern Kissimmee Valley, similar mounds and earthworks.

Almost nothing is known of the inhabitants of the Kissimmee Valley during the historic period. Wood, bone, shell and shark tooth artifacts have been found at a few Belle Glade sites, but are too few to be used in defining the culture. Earthworks are diagnostic of the Belle Glade culture. Habitation mounds and burials in mounds also date to the earliest period. In period IV complexes of mounds and linear embankments were common.

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Greatest accuracy credibility theory: Empirical Bayes parameter estimation: Classifying and creating distributions. Frequency and severity with coverage modifications: Multi-state transition models with actuarial applications: The exponential distribution and the Poisson process.

SFU postdoctoral research fellow Jennifer Trew is hosting speed-dating sessions at the Burnaby campus. While you’re finding that special someone, Trew and SFU psychology professor Rebecca Cobb are collecting data to study what factors predict romantic attraction and how the process of starting a new romantic relationship works.

Herring bones were the most abundant and dating shows that herring abundance can be traced from about 10, years ago to about the mid-nineteenth century with the arrival of Europeans and the adoption of industrial harvesting methods by both settlers and some First Nations. The study is one of many initiatives of the SFU-based Herring School, a group of researchers that investigates the cultural and ecological importance of herring.

Herring have always played a central role in the social and economic lives of coastal communities. Archaeology, combined with oral traditions, is a powerful tool for understanding coastal ecology prior to industrial development. Herring is abundant in sites throughout the Strait of Georgia. They give the example of the 2, y-old site at Nulu where herring made up about 85 per cent of the fish found in local middens.

In Heiltsuk oral tradition, it is Nulu where Raven first found herring. Another site, 25 kilometres away at the Koeye River, has only has about 10 per cent herring remains and is not associated with herring in Heiltsuk tradition. It says that even if there were natural variations in the herring population, the First Nations harvest did not affect the species overall. Many coastal groups maintained family-owned locations for harvesting herring and herring roe from anchored kelp fronds, eel grass, or boughs of hemlock or cedar trees.

Herring was harvested at other times of the year than the spawning period when massing in local waters but most ethnohistorical observations identify late winter and springtime spawning as a key period of harvest for both roe and fish. The herring and herring roe were either consumed or traded among the First Nations. Sustainable harvests encouraged by building kelp gardens,wherein some roe covered fronds were not collected, by minimizing noise and movement during spawning events, and by elaborate systems of kin-based rights and responsibilities that regulated herring use and distribution.


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Create Waffle Chart Visualizations in R http: This package is currently under the development. Bi-Clustering Data Using Co- similarity: An R library to generate wiki reports in TiddlyWiki format. Rothman and Sander Greenland. Introduction in spatial thinking An R package to help manage R projects e. Sweave reports where multiple versions are created based upon a single source repository. For example, a monthly report where each versions is identitcal with the exception of easily definable parameters e.

An htmlwidgets implementation of Handsontable. R PhenoCam toolbox http: A rmarkdown template to create two tutorial pdf files: The first without and the second with the solutions. Visualise LibBi output in R.

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Le Soleil de Vancouver, , weekly Le Soleil de Colombie, , weekly Le Soleil de Colombie-Britannique, , weekly This newspaper, the name of which was changed three times, was the printed voice of the Francophone community throughout British Columbia. Modern Times Weekly Although it developed later than the British Columbia community, Chinese immigration to Ontario was already a significant force in the s. After changes to Canadian immigration policy in opened the doors to skilled workers, large Chinese communities began to form in Toronto and Ottawa, as well other large The Chinese Times The Chinese Times newspaper was published in Vancouver daily from to ; it covered both local information and news about China and Asia generally.

As the longest-running newspaper in the largest Chinese community in Canada, the Chinese Times was uniquely situated to reflect the adaptation of immigrants to Canada Issues dating from to and to have been digitized and are made available here.

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For the full story, please see JCLcnv1demo. RUNDATA is used in the jobset51 function called at the beginning of each script to perform a change directory to the data files super directory. Use whichever is approriate for you, but this documentation will refer primarily to ‘mvstest’ please make mental substitutions as approriate.

Be sure to specify the Korn shell. If not provided with your system you may download from www. See instructions at the beginning of the supplied profile listed at ADMjobs. Find the following lines in the supplied profile. The scripts are designed to work with the various subdirs below you so they can copy between the subdirs. See the ‘step by step’ Operating Instructions starting on page ‘ 1D1 ‘.

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